Understanding the new Canadian ELD Mandate is a bit “gray”, the first thing to know is that almost all commercial vehicle drivers will have to comply. Any US Truck entering Canada will need a certified Electronic Logging Device. 

The Canadian ELD Mandate is very similar to the United States ELD Mandate. The most notable difference being that a third-party certification needs to be in place. Each device will be put through a series of tests for accuracy to make sure they are functional to the industry standard. A tougher inspection is in place to discourage temperament to the device. It is also important to note that every province and territory will have their own individual rules and regulations in adjunction to the federal ones. 

The Canadian ELD mandate will take effect on June 12th. The first phase of the Canadian ELD Mandate will consist of education and awareness. This allows for industries to have time to obtain the certified electronic logging device. The device keeps a record of driving hours and collects data whenever the engine is running, which can then be easily reviewed by compliance authorities. 

As a commercial vehicle owner or operator, you must be up to date with the most recent rules and regulations. That is one of the easiest ways to avoid a violation. Here at TrueNorth Compliance Services™, we have experts ready to answer any questions you may have.