CSA Monitoring: Compliance Safety Accountability

A motor carrier’s data appears online the FMCSA’s Safety Measurement System. CSA is the program developed by the FMCSA that hold motor carriers and its drivers accountable for their actions regarding their safety environment. CSA affects motor carriers, including owner operators, by identifying those carriers with higher “scores” in any given basic and making an intervention (warnings and audits) a priority with the FMCSA. CSA is derived from roadside inspections and accidents. It is important for a motor carrier to monitor CSA/SMS (safety Management System) to be aware of the violations their drivers are receiving on roadside and the negative affects it can have on their overall operation.

Items to Consider


What is your current safety rating with the FMCSA?


Do you have violations that are erroneous or don’t belong to your DOT #?


Are you in alert status in any of the basics?

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