Join the Transportation Club of Fargo-Moorhead for the 2022 Spring Golf Outing! This 4-player scramble will start at 1 pm on June 8th for an afternoon of golf greatness at the Meadows in Moorhead. You can pre-register by Friday, June 3rd, using the link below OR you can register on-site the day of the scramble at noon. 

With the cost of registration, you will get a boxed lunch, a golf cart, and a green fee! The cost per player is $70. 

Mulligans & strings will be sold at the event by Haley’s Milk Run. The proceeds will support elementary school milk programs in the Fargo Moorhead area. 

Mulligan: a purchased amount of do-overs that you can use while golfing. 

String: a piece of string you can use to improve your lie or even void a stroke. The catch? If you use less than the full length of your string, you have to cut the remaining amount off and can only use that much moving forward! 

If you have any further questions, you can reach out to Kelly Krapu. Phone: (701) 492-4459 Email: