What does this mean for CDL drivers and motor carriers who employ CDL drivers?

In 2022, anyone seeking a new class A or class B Commercial Driver’s license (CDL), or any Hazardous Materials (H), Passenger (P), or School Bus (S) endorsements must obtain formal training by training providers, who are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).  The Entry-Level Training regulations requires that all trainers meet a minimum curriculum for Class A and Class B and endorsements.  Training providers will be required to certify student-trainees are proficient with classroom and behind the wheel prior to taking the CDL skills exam at their respective state agency.

There are two training parts to the Entry Level Driver Training regulation.  Theory (classroom) training and Behind-the-wheel (BTW) training.  Both parts of the training must be completed prior to taking the permit exam.  This is a federal mandate and will affect all states.   Each portion of this regulation has set standards, curriculums, and baselines that must be met. 

Training providers will be required to register with the FMCSA to be listed on the Training Provider Registry website.  Even if trainers will only be training trainees within their company they will still need to register.  Those individuals who wish to be trainers must hold a CDL of the same (or higher) and with all the endorsements necessary to operate the CMV for the training they will provide.

This regulation, once in effect will have a large ripple through the transportation industry.   Carriers will need to identify trainers for both the theory portion and behind the wheel portion who are on the Trainer registry.  Carriers can use staff already employed with them; however, the necessary steps will need to be taken to assure they are on the registry.  Those individuals who wish to obtain a Class A, Class B or above-mentioned endorsements will be required to identify trainers to obtain the required training and receive documentation to accompany them to the state licensing agency to take the commercial learner permit test. 

FMCSA regulations can be confusing to understand and troublesome if not followed properly, contact TrueNorth Compliance Services for your safety and compliance needs.