On September. 15, 2022 the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s shared that it is
considering changing the exemption of ELD regulations and is asking for feedback.

Before the implementation deadline for the FMCSA’s electronic logging device mandate in
2017, FMCSA appeared to hint to those opposed to the mandate by clarifying that its pre-2000
the exemption applied to the engine model year rather than the model year of the truck’s chassis.
The reason for this is the fact that in the glider-kit market, newer chassis were often outfitted
with remanufactured pre-2000 engines, in some cases without electronic control modules an
ELD could effectively connect to.

With pre-2000 engines being exempt from ELD regs, the FMCSA stated many trucks with pre-
2000 engines do in fact have ECMs that could accommodate an ELD. “Should FMCSA re-
evaluate or modify the applicability of the current ELD regulation for rebuilt or remanufactured
CMV engines or glider kits?” the agency asks.

There are five areas where the agency is considering changes:

  • Applicability to pre-2000 engines
  • Addressing ELD malfunctions
  • The process for removing ELD products from FMCSA’s list of registered devices
  • Technical specifications
  • ELD certification

You can read FMCSA’s request and make comments here. The comment period ends Nov. 15.
If you have questions, please contact us!